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Procedural File: submit.php

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require_once('lib-common.php') [line 35]
require_once($_CONF['path_system'].'lib-story.php') [line 36]

savestory [line 278]

string savestory( array $A)

Saves a story submission


return:  HTML redirect


array   $A   Data for that submission
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savesubmission [line 323]

void savesubmission( string $type, array $A)

This will save a submission


string   $type   Type of submission we are dealing with
array   $A   Data for that submission
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sendNotification [line 230]

void sendNotification( string $table, string $story)

Send an email notification for a new submission.


string   $table   Table where the new submission can be found
string   $story   Story object that was submitted.
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submissionform [line 55]

string submissionform( [string $type = 'story'], [string $mode = ''])

Shows a given submission form

This is the submission it is modular to allow us to write as little as possible. It takes a type and formats a form for the user. Currently the types is story. If no type is provided, Story is assumed.


return:  HTML for submission form


string   $type   type of submission ('story')
string   $mode   calendar mode ('personal' or empty string)
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