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Procedural File: user.config.php

Source Location: /public_html/filemanager/connectors/php/user.config.php

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require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../lib-common.php') [line 19]
Filemanager PHP connector This file should at least declare auth() function and instantiate the Filemanager as '$fm'

IMPORTANT : by default Read and Write access is granted to everyone Copy/paste this file to 'user.config.php' file to implement your own auth() function to grant access to wanted users only

filemanager.php use for ckeditor filemanager


author:  Simon Georget <(at) linea21 (dot) com simon (at) linea21 (dot) com>
copyright:  Authors
license:  MIT

auth [line 27]

boolean auth( )

Check if user is authorized


return:  true if access granted, false if no access

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