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Topic administration page: Create, edit, delete topics.


require_once($_CONF['path_system'].'lib-story.php') [line 53]
Geeklog story function library

require_once('../lib-common.php') [line 43]
Geeklog common function library

require_once('') [line 48]
Security check to ensure user even belongs on this page

changetopicid [line 296]

void changetopicid( string $tid, $old_tid)

Change a topic's ID in various places


string   $tid   new Topic ID
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deleteTopic [line 728]

string deleteTopic( string $tid)

Delete a topic


return:  HTML redirect


string   $tid   Topic ID
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edittopic [line 77]

string edittopic( [string $tid = ''])

Show topic administration form


return:  HTML for the topic editor


string   $tid   tid ID of topic to edit
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getTopicChildTreeArray [line 629]

array getTopicChildTreeArray( [ $sel_id = TOPIC_ROOT], [ $tarray = array()], [ $orderby = "ASC"])

Get topic child tree array


return:  Topic array


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handleIconUpload [line 827]

string handleIconUpload( string $tid)

Upload new topic icon, replaces previous icon if one exists


return:  filename of new photo (empty = no new photo)


string   $tid   tid ID of topic to prepend to filename
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listTopics [line 570]

string listTopics( string $token)

Displays a list of topics

Lists all the topics and their icons.


return:  HTML for the topic list


string   $token   Security token to use in list
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moveTopics [line 687]

void moveTopics( string $tid, string $where)

Move topic UP and Down


string   $tid   Topic ID
string   $where   Where to move the topic specified by $tid. Valid values are "up" and "dn", which stand for move 'Up' or 'Down' through the sort number.
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reorderTopics [line 652]

void reorderTopics( )

Re-order all topics in steps of 10

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savetopic [line 365]

string savetopic( string $tid, string $topic, $inherit, $hidden, $parent_id, string $imageurl, string $meta_description, string $meta_keywords, int $sortnum, int $limitnews, int $owner_id, int $group_id, int $perm_owner, int $perm_group, $perm_members, int $perm_anon, string $is_default, string $is_archive, int $perm_member)

Save topic to the database


return:  HTML redirect or error message


string   $tid   Topic ID
string   $topic   Name of topic (what the user sees)
string   $imageurl   (partial) URL to topic image
string   $meta_description   Topic meta description
string   $meta_keywords   Topic meta keywords
int   $sortnum   number for sort order in "Topics" block
int   $limitnews   number of stories per page for this topic
int   $owner_id   ID of owner
int   $group_id   ID of group topic belongs to
int   $perm_owner   Permissions the owner has
int   $perm_group   Permissions the group has
int   $perm_member   Permissions members have
int   $perm_anon   Permissions anonymous users have
string   $is_default   'on' if this is the default topic
string   $is_archive   'on' if this is the archive topic
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