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Content syndication administration page: Here you can create, edit, and delete feeds in various formats for Geeklog and its plugins.


require_once('../lib-common.php') [line 42]
Geeklog common function library

require_once('') [line 47]
Security check to ensure user even belongs on this page

changeFeedStatus [line 84]

void changeFeedStatus( array $enabledfeeds, array $visiblefeeds)

Toggle status of a feed from enabled to disabled and back


array   $enabledfeeds   array containing ids of enabled feeds
array   $visiblefeeds   array containing ids of visible feeds
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deletefeed [line 579]

string deletefeed( int $fid)

Delete a feed.


return:  HTML redirect


int   $fid   feed id
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deleteFeedFile [line 66]

void deleteFeedFile( string $filename)

Delete a feed's file


string   $filename   filename (without the path) of the feed
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editfeed [line 227]

string editfeed( [int $fid = 0], [string $type = ''])

Display the feed editor.


return:  HTML for the feed editor


int   $fid   feed id (0 for new feeds)
string   $type   type of feed, e.g. 'article'
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find_feedFormats [line 133]

array find_feedFormats( )

Get a list of feed formats from the feed parser factory.


return:  array of names of feed formats (and versions)

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listfeeds [line 154]

string listfeeds( )

List all feeds


return:  HTML with the list of all feeds

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newfeed [line 408]

string newfeed( )

Create a new feed. This is an extra step to take once you have a plugin installed that supports the new Feed functions in the Plugin API. This will let you select for which plugin (or Geeklog) you're creating the feed.


return:  HTML for the complete page (selection or feed editor)

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savefeed [line 448]

string savefeed( array $A)

Save feed.


return:  HTML redirect on success or feed editor + error message


array   $A  
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