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Procedural File: story.php

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This is the Geeklog story administration page.


author:  Jason Whittenburg
author:  Tony Bibbs, tony AT tonybibbs DOT com


require_once($_CONF['path_system'].'lib-story.php') [line 55]
Geeklog story function library

require_once('../lib-common.php') [line 45]
Geeklog common function library

require_once('') [line 50]
Security check to ensure user even belongs on this page

liststories [line 109]

string liststories( [string $current_topic = ''])

Provide list of stories


return:  HTML for the list of stories


string   $current_topic   (optional) currently selected topic
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storyeditor [line 254]

string storyeditor( [string $sid = ''], [string $mode = ''], [string $errormsg = ''])

Shows story editor Displays the story entry form


return:  HTML for story editor


string   $sid   ID of story to edit
string   $mode   'preview', 'edit', 'editsubmission', 'clone'
string   $errormsg   a message to display on top of the page
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submitstory [line 862]

void submitstory( [string $type = ''], string $sid, int $uid, string $tid, string $title, string $page_title, string $introtext, string $bodytext, int $hits, string $unixdate, int $featured, string $commentcode, string $trackbackcode, string $statuscode, string $postmode, string $frontpage, int $draft_flag, int $numemails, int $owner_id, int $group_id, int $perm_owner, int $perm_group, int $perm_member, int $perm_anon, int $delete)

Saves story to database


string   $type   story submission or (new) story
string   $sid   ID of story to save
int   $uid   ID of user that wrote the story
string   $tid   Topic ID story belongs to
string   $title   Title of story
string   $page_title   Title of the page
string   $introtext   Introduction text
string   $bodytext   Text of body
int   $hits   Number of times story has been viewed
string   $unixdate   Date story was originally saved
int   $featured   Flag on whether or not this is a featured article
string   $commentcode   Indicates if comments are allowed to be made to article
string   $trackbackcode   Indicates if trackbacks are allowed to be made to article
string   $statuscode   Status of the story
string   $postmode   Is this HTML or plain text?
string   $frontpage   Flag indicates if story will appear on front page and topic or just topic
int   $draft_flag   Flag indicates if story is a draft or not
int   $numemails   Number of times this story has been emailed to someone
int   $owner_id   ID of owner (not necessarily the author)
int   $group_id   ID of group story belongs to
int   $perm_owner   Permissions the owner has on story
int   $perm_group   Permissions the group has on story
int   $perm_member   Permissions members have on story
int   $perm_anon   Permissions anonymous users have on story
int   $delete   String array of attached images to delete from article
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