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Procedural File: mail.php

Source Location: /public_html/admin/mail.php

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Simple email form that lets you send emails to certain groups of users.


require_once('') [line 46]
Security check to ensure user even belongs on this page

require_once('../lib-common.php') [line 41]
Geeklog common function library

display_mailform [line 67]

string display_mailform( [array $vars = array()])

Shows the form the admin uses to send Geeklog members a message. Right now you can only email an entire group.


return:  HTML for the email form


array   $vars   optional array of form content
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send_messages [line 181]

string send_messages( $vars)

This function actually sends the messages to the specified group


return:  HTML with success or error message


array   $vars   Same as $_POST, holds all the email info
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