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Procedural File: migrate.php

Source Location: /public_html/admin/install/migrate.php

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require_once($dbconfig_path) [line 521]
Check a few things before beginning the import process

require_once('../../siteconfig.php') [line 34]
require_once('lib-upgrade.php') [line 585]
require_once('lib-install.php') [line 33]
require_once($dbconfig_path) [line 297]
Page 1 - Form for user to enter their database and path information and to select a database backup file from the backups directory or upload a backup from their computer.

require_once($_CONF['path_system'].'lib-database.php') [line 584]
require_once($_CONF['path_system'].'classes/config.class.php') [line 816]
Let's assume that the paths that were imported from the backup are incorrect and update them with the current paths.

Note: When updating the config settings in the database, we also need to fix the $_CONF values. We can _not_ simply reload them via get_config('Core') here yet.

require_once($_CONF['path_system'].'lib-database.php') [line 754]
require_once('lib-upgrade.php') [line 755]
require_once(lib-common.php) [line 922]
Check for missing plugins

require_once($dbconfig_path) [line 753]
Page 4 - Post-import operations

Update the database, if necessary. Then check for missing plugins, incorrect paths, and other required Geeklog files

require_once('lib-upgrade.php') [line 647]
Page 3 - Gets the database table prefix from the database file.

Overwrites an existing database file if requested by the user. Sends the database filename (and a few other variables) to bigdump.php, which performs the import.

INST_unpackFile [line 129]

mixed INST_unpackFile( string $backup_path, string $backup_file, &$display, ref $display)

Unpack a db backup file, if necessary

Note: This requires a minimal PEAR setup (incl. Tar and Zip classes) and a way to set the PEAR include path. But if that doesn't work on your setup, then chances are you won't get Geeklog up and running anyway ...


return:  file name of unpacked file or false: error


string   $backup_path   path to the "backups" directory
string   $backup_file   backup file name
ref   $display   reference to HTML string (for error msg)
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INST_updateSiteUrl [line 55]

void INST_updateSiteUrl( string $old_url, string $new_url, [array $tablespec = ''])

Fix site_url in content

If the site's URL changed due to the migration, this function will replace the old URL with the new one in text content of the given tables.


string   $old_url   the site's previous URL
string   $new_url   the site's new URL after the migration
array   $tablespec  

(optional) list of tables to patch

The $tablespec is an array of tablename => fieldlist pairs, where the field list contains the text fields to be searched and the table's index field as the first(!) entry.

NOTE: This function may be used by plugins during PLG_migrate. Changes should ensure backward compatibility.

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