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get_SPX_Ver [line 730]

int get_SPX_Ver( )

Check if the Spam-X plugin is already installed

Note: Needed for upgrades from old versions - don't remove.


return:  1 = is installed, 0 = not installed

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get_SP_ver [line 694]

int get_SP_ver( )

Checks for Static Pages Version

Note: Needed for upgrades from old versions - don't remove.


return:  indicates which version of the plugin we're dealing with:
  • 0 = not installed,
  • 1 = original plugin,
  • 2 = version by Phill or Tom,
  • 3 = v1.3 (center block, etc.),
  • 4 = v1.4 ('in block' flag)

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INST_autoinstallNewPlugins [line 867]

void INST_autoinstallNewPlugins( )

Pick up and install any new plugins

Search for plugins that exist in the filesystem but are not registered with Geeklog. If they support auto install, install them now.

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INST_doDatabaseUpgrades [line 45]

boolean INST_doDatabaseUpgrades( string $current_gl_version)

Perform database upgrades


return:  True if successful


string   $current_gl_version   Current Geeklog version
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INST_fixOptionalConfig [line 933]

void INST_fixOptionalConfig( )

Make sure optional config options can be disabled

Back when Geeklog used a config.php file, some of the comment options were commented out, i.e. they were optional. Make sure those options can still be disabled from the Configuration admin panel.

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INST_identifyGeeklogVersion [line 551]

string INST_identifyGeeklogVersion( )

Get the current installed version of Geeklog


return:  Geeklog version in x.x.x format

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INST_innodbSupported [line 766]

boolean INST_innodbSupported( )

Check for InnoDB table support (usually as of MySQL 4.0, but may be available in earlier versions, e.g. "Max" or custom builds).


return:  true = InnoDB tables supported, false = not supported

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INST_pluginExists [line 795]

boolean INST_pluginExists( string $plugin)

Check if a current plugin is installed


return:  true if plugin exists in db, false otherwise


string   $plugin   Name of plugin to check
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INST_pluginUpgrades [line 822]

int INST_pluginUpgrades( [boolean $migration = false], [array $old_conf = array()])

Upgrade any enabled plugins

NOTE: Needs a fully working Geeklog, so can only be done late in the upgrade process!


return:  number of failed plugin updates (0 = everything's fine)
see:  PLG_migrate()
see:  PLG_upgrade()


boolean   $migration   whether the upgrade is part of a site migration
array   $old_conf   old $_CONF values before the migration
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INST_setDefaultCharset [line 654]

boolean INST_setDefaultCharset( string $siteconfig_path, string $charset)

Change default character set to UTF-8

NOTE: Yes, this means that we need to patch siteconfig.php a second time.


return:  true: success; false: an error occured


string   $siteconfig_path   complete path to siteconfig.php
string   $charset   default character set to use
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INST_updateDB [line 749]

void INST_updateDB( array $_SQL)

Run all the database queries from the update file.


array   $_SQL   Array of queries to perform
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