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Procedural File: block.php

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Block administration page: Create, edit, delete, move, enable/disable blocks for the left and right sidebars of your Geeklog site.


require_once('') [line 50]
Security check to ensure user even belongs on this page

require_once('../lib-common.php') [line 45]
Geeklog common function library

changeBlockStatus [line 935]

void changeBlockStatus( array $enabledblocks, array $visibleblocks)

Enable and Disable blocks


array   $enabledblocks   array containing ids of enabled blocks
array   $visibleblocks   array containing ids of visible blocks
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cmpDynamicBlocks [line 651]

boolean cmpDynamicBlocks( $a, $b)

Used by listblocks function when sorting the dynamic block array using the usort function


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deleteBlock [line 962]

string deleteBlock( string $bid)

Delete a block


return:  HTML redirect or error message


string   $bid   id of block to delete
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editblock [line 251]

string editblock( [string $bid = ''])

Shows the block editor This will show a block edit form. If this is a Geeklog default block it will send it off to editdefaultblock.


return:  HTML for block editor


string   $bid   ID of block to edit
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editdefaultblock [line 77]

string editdefaultblock( array $A, int $access)

Shows default block editor Default blocks are those blocks that Geeklog requires to function properly. Because of their special role, they have restricted edit properties so this form shows that.


return:  HTML for default block editor


array   $A   Array of data to show on form
int   $access   Permissions this user has
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listblocks [line 491]

string listblocks( [ $position = BLOCK_ALL_POSITIONS])

Display two lists of blocks, separated by left and right


return:  HTML for the two lists


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moveBlock [line 889]

void moveBlock( )

Move blocks UP, Down and Switch Sides - Left and Right NOTE: Does not return.

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overridePostdata [line 186]

nothing overridePostdata( &$A, array $A)

Override the post data to the data given in the parameter This is helper function for editblock function


array   $A   Array of data by reference
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reorderblocks [line 856]

void reorderblocks( )

Re-orders all blocks in increments of 10

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saveblock [line 679]

string saveblock( string $bid, $name, string $title, $help, string $type, int $blockorder, $device, string $content, string $rdfurl, string $rdfupdated, string $rdflimit, string $phpblockfn, int $onleft, int $owner_id, int $group_id, array $perm_owner, array $perm_group, array $perm_members, array $perm_anon, int $is_enabled, $allow_autotags, $cache_time, string $tid)

Saves a block


return:  HTML redirect or error message


string   $bid   Block ID
string   $title   Block title
string   $type   Type of block
int   $blockorder   Order block appears relative to the others
string   $content   Content of block
string   $tid   Ids of topics block is assigned to
string   $rdfurl   URL to headline feed for portal blocks
string   $rdfupdated   Date RSS/RDF feed was last updated
string   $rdflimit   max. number of entries to import from feed
string   $phpblockfn   Name of php function to call to get content
int   $onleft   Flag indicates if block shows up on left or right
int   $owner_id   ID of owner
int   $group_id   ID of group block belongs to
array   $perm_owner   Permissions the owner has on the object
array   $perm_group   Permissions the group has on the object
array   $perm_members   Permissions the logged in members have
array   $perm_anon   Permissinos anonymous users have
int   $is_enabled   Flag, indicates if block is enabled or not
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