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Class: Mail

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Class Mail



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Class Mail

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static method send [line 51]

static bool send( string $to, string $subject, string $body, [string $from = ''], [bool $html = false], [int $priority = 0], [mixed $optional = null], [ $attachments = array()])

Send an email.

All emails sent by Geeklog are sent through this function. NOTE: Please note that using CC: will expose the email addresses of all recipients. Use with care.


return:  true if successful, otherwise false
access:  public


string   $to   recipients name and email address
string   $subject   subject of the email
string   $body   the text of the email
string   $from   (optional) sender of the the email
bool   $html   (optional) true if to be sent as HTML email
int   $priority   (optional) add X-Priority header, if > 0
mixed   $optional   (optional) other headers or CC:
array   $attachments   (optional) attachment files

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Class Constants

NEW_LINE =  "\r\n"

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