In March 2015, Google announced that it would close its source code repository service, Quite a few Geeklog-related projects were hosted on and had to be moved elsewhere as a result. This page is intended to track the whereabouts of those projects after the shutdown.

Student Work for the Google Summer of Code

Geeklog participated in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Some of the student work done during that time has since been integrated into Geeklog. The following is a straight backup of the work that students had to upload to at the end of each GSoC.


nexPro was a Geeklog distribution with additional plugins developed by It is no longer maintained.

Original description:

The nexPro Portal is a suite of integrated modules that enhance web based applications, collaboration and work automation.

nexPro Portal Server povides a complete portal solution consisting of a number of standard features that are ideal for Internets and Intranets, such as: user authentication, search, menu creation, forums and overall application administration. A number of plug-in modules are pre-integrated with nexPro to facilitate the creation of a wide range of web applications. The primary plug-ins that are included with nexPro are nexFlow, nexFile, nexForm, nexProject, nexTime and nexContent.